Meet Nisha

Master Energy Healer, Certified in Energy Medicine, Hypnosis, Akashic Records and Laughter Yoga

Nisha Karumanchery-Luik has a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto. Her research in the Social Sciences focused on the study of people, relationships and family dynamics. She taught as a Professor at McMaster University for five years. She has studied Spirituality for over 25 years in the context of understanding Spirit, Soul Purpose, Karma, Past Life Regression, Cellular Memory, Soul Retrieval and Energy. Nisha has seven years of training in Energy Medicine through the College of International Holistic Studies.

Healing the earth

Through this work I want to do my part to clean up the fear-based, scarcity-filled, power-over, conflict energy that pollutes our planet.  I believe that if we can each do our part by working on cleaning up our own pain filled emotional baggage from the past, we could collectively create lasting change and work towards peace on earth. -Nisha

My story. My story is not that different from yours, only the players and circumstances are different. Sometimes our stories involve hurt, rejection and pain. My early experiences programed me, without my being conscious of it and I spent my life in different versions of looking for approval, belonging and love. I blamed others for my unhappiness and as an adult took it out on those I was closest to and tried to fix things and feel better from the outside. For decades I kept repeating the same old emotions and was stuck in the same old patterns not understanding what it was I needed to change or do differently. I didn’t realize that I was drawing to myself the same kinds of people and circumstances from my past based on the energy I carried. I worked to understand myself and my life and finally realized that what I needed to change was the energy within me.

Releasing Stuck Energy

As my consciousness shifted I became aware of the emotional energetic baggage I carried. As I learned how to heal and release the stuck energies, my life truly started to transform. As I told others about my story and helped them to release their own stuck energies, their lives started to transform. I believe that we are here to serve each other. I know I am meant to help others who are on their own healing journey to grow and evolve and re-discover who they really are. Your highest expression of Happiness is the ultimate goal.