Law of attraction not working for you?

New Book COMING SOON 2019

Stuck emotional energy blocks manifesting.

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    Know your Story. Heal your Energy. Transform your Life.

    By Nisha Karumanchery-Luik, Ph.D

    Are you frustrated or unhappy with some area of your life: relationships, a pattern with a family member, friends who disappoint you, some aspect of your work or your money story? Are you ready for meaningful and lasting change? What I teach in this book, simply put, is how to consciously and with intention bring awareness to and release emotional pain from the past that has accumulated and is stored as negative energy in the cells of your physical body. There is an ancient wisdom that is now reaching mass consciousness that teaches us that our thoughts, our feelings and emotions are powerful. That we in fact co-create our lives and the experiences and people we draw into our lives. Since what we attract into our lives is based on the thoughts we keep thinking and the emotions we have and beliefs that we carry, we are being told that we need to change those in order to change our lives. The problem is that it is not that easy a task to change beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behavioral patterns that have been long engrained. You know you feel and think this way and you shouldn’t but you can’t seem to help yourself or change the pattern. To make matters worse many of the beliefs we hold and the emotional and psychological patterns we follow are on a subconscious level and we aren’t even fully aware of what they are or how they came to be. I explain that it is difficult to change old ways of being when you carry the energy of those experiences and the fears associated with them in your body. The stored energy is what drives your subconscious while past emotional pain is triggered by new experiences that are drawn to you. Get rid of the energy that no longer serves you and you can then get rid of the detrimental beliefs, emotions and fears that keep you repeating the same patterns. As you read you will find step by step instructions on the method of how to identify and release accumulated negative energy from your body. If you are ready, this book will teach you how to break patterns, heal your issues and bring about transformation in your life.