• Nisha business card Everything is Energy

    Everything has an energetic vibration.  As an energetic being you also are vibration and your vibrational frequency is influenced and impacted by the energy of the people and circumstances around you.  This was especially the case when you were a child.  As children we were open and receiving and accepting all of the messages around us and all of our experiences powerfully imprinted on us and became part of our energetic vibration.  This means that whatever drama or difficulty or hurt you experienced from birth onwards may have imprinted and embedded in the cells of your body.  Most people are not conscious of how their past has influenced them in this way.  Of course there were good experiences as well, but it’s the negative ones that created insecurities and limitations and hold you back.  What I want you to know is that…
    Emotions create Energy and Repeated Emotions create Energetic Patterns

  • When you experienced some difficulty as a child you probably had some strong emotions that went along with it: hurt, maybe feeling victimized, abandoned, controlled, bullied or whatever.  Most people don’t realize that emotions are meant to be felt, expressed, processed and released in some healthy way.  If we somehow were able to successfully navigate through this process when we were younger, we would have all grown up to be ridiculously happy adults.  But that’s not usually how our human stories unfolded and those strong emotions created energy.  Free Happy WomanWhen not released, the energy of those emotions build up and get stuck in the cells of our bodies as what I call Pain Energy. Pain Energy is unhealed emotional trauma from the past. As adults this Pain Energy acts as unconscious triggers that prompt us to anger, fear and insecurity and we often take it out on the people we are closest to.
    Pain Energy can be healed and released completely

    In my upcoming book Know your Story. Heal your Energy. Transform your Life., I want to provide hope and inspiration by showing people exactly how to do this.  The method I teach is called Energy Release Healing and I help you to go within to identify stuck emotional Pain Energy and release it.  I also teach you how to identify energetic patterns that keep repeating in your life, based on the energy you carry.  I want to help people understand the energy they carry and the energetic patterns they repeat so they can heal themselves from within, to have lasting change in their lives.  The goal is to get back to our true nature and be the happiest we can be.