Energy Healing

Since Emotions create energy, strongly experienced emotions can accumulate and imprint on our energetic fields.

       Anger.    Fear.     Abandoned.    Resentful.    
       Excluded.     Jealous.     Betrayed.    Rejected.
       Loss.     Longing.     Sadness.     Not supported.    

Similarly Thoughts and Beliefs (like emotions) create energy even when they are subconscious.

        I am not good enough.     I am not deserving.
        I am criticized and disapproved of.
        Life is unfair and unjust.
        I am bullied.     I am powerless.
        I have no choice.
        Life is work, work, work.
        Life is scarcity and struggle.

When Emotions, Thoughts or Beliefs are repeated or held for long periods of time they create Energetic Patterns.

        Emotional Patterns
        Relationship Patterns
        Behavioural Patterns
        Psychological Patterns

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