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  • Ava: I first visited Nisha after experiencing serious trauma in my life. I had been seeing a psychologist for over a year however never felt healed. After my first session with Nisha, I felt like I could breathe again. I felt like a blockage had been removed and I felt lighter. After several more sessions, there was a shift in my thinking and in dealing with my day to day situations. I felt energized, more positive and I actually felt joy. I honestly never thought I could reach that state again. Nisha has a healing gift. Her comfortable and relatable manner made it so easy to trust her and embark on a journey of healing that has transformed my life. I have often told her that she has saved my life.

    Margaret: After speaking with Nisha about energy healing, I met with her for a one on one consultation. After our first session I actually felt “lighter”. After the second session, which was 2 weeks later, things really started to change. My business began to get busier and new clients came in. I had been working with The Secret for a number of years. Things would begin to improve and then taper off. I knew something was stopping the flow but could not figure out what it was. I now believe that if you are blocked emotionally with a lot of negative energy then The Secret cannot manifest the way it should. If you feel a blockage, Nisha can help. She explains what she is doing and talks you through the process. I highly recommend trying Nisha’s one on one sessions.

    Lailani: I have been severely claustrophobic pretty much all my life. I couldn't get into elevators or any enclosed spaces without feeling panic and anxiety. I went into my first session with Nisha not really knowing what to expect but I figured it couldn't hurt, after all you couldn't make me a bigger claustrophobe than I already was. Right the next day, I felt emotionally lighter… after a few sessions everything felt like light years away! I can't explain this exactly but it was almost like I went through some sort of transition. I now (1year later) go into elevators without anxiety. I know I have evolved out of the depths of this fear that had control over me. I can't thank Nisha enough for her 'giving'. She gave me back my power and freedom.

    Mark: Nisha has a natural way of helping people look inward. I saw this first hand at a very informal getaway where a number of my friends with different levels of spirituality spent time together. Nisha provided her gifts of freedom and lightness to each one of my friends by helping them release deep rooted energy. Some had been suffering from depression and anxiety, others from feelings of abandonment. Many had been keeping their emotions caged and guarded for a very long time. It was beautiful to witness my friends’ excitement about finally being able to “let go” and calmly move on with their lives

    M.W.: My daughter Lea is 15 and plays (a high performance sport) in a highly competitive organization and she was bullied by her coaches and one of their daughters who was also a teammate. They put her down, criticized her skills and her body, accused her of being slow and tried to make her feel that she wasn’t good enough to play. They bullied her to the point where she would breakdown and cry during practice and at tournaments… We pulled her off the team and she began playing elsewhere. However at tournaments these former coaches and the daughter would still come to watch Lea play and stare at her to purposely intimidate her. My daughter was filled with anxiety every time she saw them and would breakdown crying uncontrollably.
    I took her to see Nisha and she helped my daughter release the feelings of fear and anger and sadness… that had built up. Lea learned how to push all those emotions out. She learned skills that helped her to stop thinking about and worrying about the bullies… in the end my daughter couldn’t care less whether these bully coaches were there or not. In fact I saw that they had new targets to bully! Thank you for everything Nisha!

    Carol: I took my preteen granddaughter to see Nisha because she was having difficulty with her behavior and having problems with relationships. I brought her up from 13 months of age because her parents were not in her life. Early on I started seeing that she was having difficulty relating to others. Since seeing Nisha she has gained more confidence and has better relationships with her peers. She has more friends, she has joined a team and the way she relates to people has definitely improved. After I also began to have sessions myself and I believe it has helped me in my own relationships with my granddaughter and my own children. Nisha is intuitive in this work and recognizes patterns relatively quickly and addresses them.

    Julia: Nisha has helped me immensely through our telephone sessions with self-reflection and with spiritual and emotional guidance. Through her sessions I was able to understand the reasons I was experiencing conflict and emotional distress. I have discovered how deeply rooted these patterns are and I feel empowered with what I have learned to make positive changes in my own life. Nisha helped me to understand how making changes in my own patterns of behavior would not only help me but directly impact my children and their own relationship patterns.

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